An Update from the Deacons on June 23, 2020

We as Church leaders know how important it is to get back to in-person worship in our beautiful sanctuary. We continue to work diligently to determine how we might gather in ways that are both meaningful and safe for all members. As a result of this work, the logistics team appointed by the deacons submits the following recommendations.

– We recommend a return to in-person/ indoor worship gatherings no sooner than August 9, 2020.

– As we approach August, the logistics team will review COVID-19 related local trends including the percentage of positive tests, the number of hospitalizations, and the widespread use of PPE in our community.

– Upon our opening for in-person gatherings, we will follow the guidelines being finalized by the Deacons. These guidelines include the use of masks by all who participate, limits on sanctuary and gathering room capacity, limits on physical interaction within 6 ft, and the best advice related to singing and public speaking available at that time.

Our understanding of COVID-19 and how it spreads has pushed us in ways we never imagined and as church leaders, we believe our work is to provide the best guidance we can and we believe the above recommendations help to do that.

May 24th Update

Link to our Sunday Morning Worship Resource Here:

This week the cultural conversation about reopening businesses, churches, and other organizations has accelerated. Many businesses will open with restrictions this weekend. Though we knew Phase 2 was coming, the prospect of a worship service seemed impossible. However, due to the guidelines put forth by state and national authorities, there are no limits and restrictions on church-related gatherings. But, there is also little guidance on how we might proceed in the safest way possible. The leadership of Oxford Baptist would like for our church to be fully open and remains committed to doing so safely and carefully given the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

Several weeks ago, the Deacons appointed a logistics team to lead the process of returning to church safely. As this team evaluates information and works to make informed decisions, they will consider several factors:

  1. Navigating the constraints in a reasonable way. The reopening conversation has quickly moved to extremes. It does not serve the church well to fall victim to thinking, “we need to worship in hazmat suits,” or “let’s throw caution to the wind, God had got us!” In the days to come, the logistics team will outline requirements and best practices so that we might have meaningful gatherings while not endangering anyone.
  2. Providing the best experience when gathering. When we imagine socially distanced gatherings, in masks, with limited singing, we realize we will return to a different kind of worship service. Therefore, when we move forward with in-person gatherings, we will work to provide the best experience for those gathered and at home.
  3. The consensus of leadership. The logistics team meets regularly and is working with the staff to figure out how to gather safely. Once this team has a plan, it will make a recommendation to the deacons about opening the church property for gatherings.

Even though government recommendations have changed quickly and no longer limit Oxford Baptist Church, we will continue on the course we have already charted. We recognize that other churches may be able to act more quickly. Still, the Kingdom of God is not a competition between congregations. We believe we have served our congregation well in recent weeks, and we will continue to work hard to do so for the days to come.

We look forward to our next gathering as a church and trust that we will cherish time together in person more than ever before.


God Bless,

Andy Archer, Deacon Chairman

Chris Aho, Pastor


May 10 Update

Though the state has moved into Phase 1 of its Reopening North Carolina Plan, we will continue to gather through remote methods for worship, fellowship, discipleship, and service. Worship services are available weekly through The Forecaster is sent bi-weekly, and a printed worship resource is mailed by request on non-Forecaster weeks.

The office is open by appointment and staff answers phones from at least 9-1 each day.

If you have needs, questions, prayer requests, or anything else, call the church or email the staff directly.

Peace, Chris Aho

Heer is the May 8th Forecaster: Forecaster May 8 2020

April 14 Update

This week the Deacons will meet on Sunday, April 19th, and will provide direction for any next steps the church may be able to take. I suspect we will continue to be in a holding pattern since gatherings in North Carlina are still prohibited through April 30 and schools are not reconvening in person before May 15th. As we have news and updates we will share them here, in the Forecaster, and via e-news.
This week we will mail a weekend -OBC Worship at Home Resource- to those who have requested it. This resource will be posted on the website and there will be links to it through Facebook as well. If you would like a paper version of the resource, please call the church office.
Next week, April 20-27th, we will provide worship resources through the Forecaster.
If you have pastoral care concerns, please contact the staff directly, or call the church office between 9-1 each weekday.
As we continue this COVID-Quarantine, please know you all are in our prayers. The church staff truly misses you, loves you, and cannot wait to see how we can gather together when it is safe and prudent. Until then, give us a call or send us a note, unless we reach out to you first!
Peace, Chris

March 28th Update

Later tonight our worship service for this weekend will be posted. It was mailed as a part of the forecaster and it is available on the church’s devotional website,

You may also access the worship resource through Facebook or our E-News list.

I hope you will take time to pause to worship this weekend and I pray the worship will provide a measure of comfort and hope to your heart and soul.

God Bless,
Chris Aho

March 26th Update

On Wednesday night, March 25th, the deacons met via conference call to discuss the church’s plans for the coming weeks. Given all the information at their disposal and requirements placed on gatherings in North Carolina, they voted to continue the cancelation of all services and gatherings through at least April 5th, 2020. They will reconvene on the morning of April 5th to consider the church’s next steps.

In the meantime, the office will remain open daily until a “shelter in place” or “stay at home” order is issued that covers Granville county. The office remains open daily to allow the staff to prepare worship resources and coordinate communications within the congregation.

I appreciate the wisdom and care the deacons are exhibiting. While they realize that we will likely be away for longer than just these two weeks, by convening regularly, they can best communicate with the congregation and prepare for gatherings to resume down the road.

For the coming weeks, we will continue to provide video and print resources. If you need these resources in print form, please contact the church office to receive them by mail weekly. For those with access to digital resources,,, and our Facebook page provide the links you need.

Finally, allow me to reiterate that if you need something, please contact your deacon or the church office. If you do not know who your deacon is, please reach out to us and will put you in contact with them. And, if you cannot reach us through the office, our home phone numbers are in the church directory. Thank you for your attention and patience during this time. It is not easy to be the church from afar, but we know the Lord’s church has the power to reach us everywhere we are, and for that, we give thanks.

God Bless, Chris

Updated March 21, 2020

Our Sunday Morning Worship Resource will be available on tomorrow morning.
We hope you find this resource helpful.

God Bless, Chris, Cindy, Judy, Martha, and Steve

Update for March 19, 2020 – 5pm

A letter and packet are in the mail to all members who receive the Forecaster by mail.
Included with the letter are a Sunday Morning Worship order of service and a Wednesday Night Vespers guide to prayer. Both will be also emailed to the congregation on Saturday and Monday respectively, and we will post them on this website.
If you have questions or need assistance from the staff, please reach out. We would love to help you in every way we can.

Peace, Chris Aho

Update for March 15, 2020 – 1pm

Good Afternoon Oxford Baptist Church,

This is Chris writing to you with a little update.

This morning the deacons met for almost two hours to consider our circumstances related to the COVID-19 virus. This email is to inform you about what we have decided considering all we know from state authorities, national authorities, and the healthcare professionals connected to the deacon body.

The deacons have canceled all church gatherings and activities through Friday, March 27th. During this time, the office will remain open daily, and essential meetings may be held with office approval.

 The deacons will meet on Wednesday, March 25th, to determine our next steps. 

In the meantime, the staff is working on several things for you:

  • We will continue to send a Tuesday E-News. If you do not currently receive the E-news, please email me at and I will add you.
  • Our next Forecaster will be mailed the week of March 23rd.
  • On Wednesdays, we will email and post a mid-week devotional resource to Facebook and the church website.
  • And by Saturday each week, we will email and post resources to Facebook and the church website for a Sunday Morning service.
  • Those without email will be sent information by mail when possible.

In matters not related directly to worship:

  • Your deacons will be in touch with you to see what kind of support you need. If you do not hear from a deacon and need something, please email the staff directly or call the church office at 919-693-5181.
  • Those involved in other program ministries of the church, such as youth ministry, handbells, and various children’s activities, may receive additional emails and updates from your leaders.

As a part of this email, the deacons and Finance Committee chairperson wish to urge the church to continue sending tithes and offerings. The church still has expenses, and the church is still the church, even if we cannot physically gather. They encourage you to send in your checks by mail (PO Box 398, Oxford,  NC 27565), drop them off with Judy in the office, work with Judy to utilize bank transfers, or use our online giving platform, SimpleGive – just to your right on this page.

Finally, during our deacon’s meeting this morning, I offered a devotional based on Exodus 17, the appointed lectionary text for today. It is posted on my podcast page, and there are also links on Facebook and our website. I encourage you to take 12 minutes for the devotional and scripture reading. It addresses some of the leadership challenges we face today.

We are living through things we didn’t imagine, even a week ago. As we move forward, we will need one another. Emails, social media, websites, and mail will not meet all of our needs, but they are a start. I will be in prayer for you each day and look forward to the ways God works among us all during these unprecedented times.

God Bless,

Chris Aho




Welcome to the HEART OF OXFORD!

Oxford Baptist Church

Located at the corner of Main and Spring Streets, Oxford Baptist Church is geographically in the heart of Oxford. More importantly, Oxford Baptist Church has a heart for mission to its community and world. If you seek a Church home that is pulsating and alive in its ministry within and outside its walls, Oxford Baptist Church has much to share. Most of all, it invites YOU to serve, fellowship, worship, learn, grow, and be on mission. There are ministries as varied as feeding the hungry in our own city, to sending teams over the world to offer an encouraging message of Christian hope.

Oxford Baptist Church is a Church that has a heart for all ages. Families abound, and children and youth have an important role in Church life through vibrant learning opportunities, choirs, and mission endeavors. You are invited to visit the pages of this website to know more about Oxford Baptist Church. Better yet, come in person for a time around the table on Wednesday evenings, and for Sunday School and worship each Sunday morning where we draw nearer to each other and nearer to the heart of God.


Oxford Baptist Church Mission Statement

Oxford Baptist Church is a Cooperative Baptist fellowship dedicated to serving God. As Disciples of Christ, we serve God through worship, ministry, and community outreach. We are a loving and caring family that strives to provide a warm church home open to all who desire to serve Christ.


Oxford Baptist Vision Statement

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