2020 Mcfarland Allocations Final 
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Below is the recommendation for the congregation to consider from the McFarland Committee. These recommendations have been affirmed by the Deacons and are now subject to the review of and vote by the congregation. The voting process will be finalized by late-August in the hopes of voting as a church by mid-September.

There will be a congregational question and answer session on Wednesday, September 2nd, at 7pm. Up to 25 members may attend the meeting in person in the church Fellowship Hall. A Zoom link will also be available for anyone who wishes to attend remotely.

If you have any questions about the process or the recommendations, please contact a member of the committee:
Greg Hicks-Chair, Jeannette Carey, Robert Garrett, Cindy Hampton, Tim Lumpkins, or Dave Williams. Chris Aho and Cindy Joy serve in an ex-officio capacity.


2020 McFarland Endowment Allocations

Local/Regional Ministries

Area Congregations in Ministry (ACIM)

Support needed for purchasing food for their pantry.  ACIM provides temporary, emergency assistance (primarily food) to needy county residentsThis allocation will roughly provide 10% of the overhead expenses.  Allocation $10,000

Appalachian Christmas Outreach

The Appalachian Coalfields Ministry, sponsored by NCBM, seeks to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people living in the Appalachian Area. Working with scores of ministry centers and small churches in five Appalachian states, we help mobilize volunteers and resources to meet needs. One of the greatest ministry needs in this area occurs around Christmastime. NCBM is calling on churches statewide to respond to this need through.  This allocation will cover the purchase and filling of 96 backpacks.  Allocation:  $6,000

Backpack Buddies

Backpacks are provided to children who would not have food to eat when they are not in school.  These kits contain kid-friendly food.  We currently support West Oxford, Mary Potter, and Granville Central, but are consistently asked to provide funds for backpacks for additional children throughout the year. Allocation $5,000

Boys and Girls Clubs of North Central North Carolina

To help fund the budget of the Granville County club so it can achieve the mission to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need it the most, to realize their full potential as productive, caring responsible citizens.  Allocation $7,500

CBF Field Personnel (Missionaries) Marc and Kim Wyatt

Funds directed towards this ministry will help engage individuals and churches in hospitality towards internationals/refugees in the Raleigh-Durham area.  Oxford Baptist is engaged as our men have made bunk beds and other members in our church have provided housewares and furnishings in support of this ministry.  Allocation $6,000

CCM-Household Closet

CCM has numerous projects to assist the poor and needy in Granville County.  One such project is providing furniture, household items, dishes, linens, etc. to people who experience loss as a result of a fire or natural disaster, or personal hardships.  CCM provides assistance from donations, but when exhausted items purchased with monies donated and designated for this purpose.  Several Oxford Baptist women volunteer each week to CCM.  Allocation $8,000


Rebuilding Hope (rebuilding homes, lives, and hearts)

Funds directed toward this ministry will be used to support a summer youth ministry of repairing homes and building handicap ramps.  Funds will also go towards the purchase of building supplies needed in the ongoing ministry of Rebuilding Hope.  Oxford Baptist men will be engaged in providing hands in support of this work.  Allocation $8,000

Will’s Way Project

Will’s Way Project provides gift bags for parents and caregivers of children at UNC, Duke, and Wake Med Children’s Hospitals at Christmas.  Funds will be used to help procure items to fill these bags with items food, gift cards, and personal care items.  Allocation $2,000

Treasure of Joy Corporation

This local ministry provides employment training in a residential setting for individuals recently released from incarceration and recovering from addiction.  Funds will be used to help support the operation of Hope House which serves as a helping hand to bring these individuals out of poverty and back as productive members of society.  Allocation $2,000


National and Global Ministry Partners

CBF Field Personnel, Cecelia Beck

Ms. Beck lives and works in a high crime area in Shelby, NC.  She administers a “Weed and Seed” program, assisting young people and adults in bettering themselves by involvement in church-related activities and volunteering in community activities.  Ms. Beck facilitates reading and homework clubs collaborating with local churches.  She reaches adults through prayer breakfast, attending faith-based events, and Bible studies.  She also facilitates minor home repairs, food distribution, and school supplies.  Young people are graduating from high school and breaking the cycle of povertyA scholarship will also be created to help these young people further their education.   Allocation $10,000

CBF Field Personnel, Carson and Laura Foushee, Tokyo, Japan

The Foushee’s partner with Japan Baptist Convention in Tokyo with Japanese language students as part of their long-term ministry presence in Japan.  Their work cultivates a community through activities which include English classes for mothers and English summer camps o families can better themselves.  Caron and Laura spoke in our church about a year or so ago.  Allocation $3,000 

CBF Field Personnel, Butch and Nell Green, Houston Texas

Butch and Nell Green are Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel serving in and around Houston, Texas, ministering to the Muslim community and engaging congregations in outreach with their Muslim neighbors. Butch and Nell also coordinate outreach to refugees and they work to combat human trafficking between Texas gateway cities and destination cities.

Finally, they coordinate an internationals ministry network, which includes an emphasis on prayer and resourcing churches.  Allocation:  $3,000

CBF Field Personnel, Matt and Michelle Norman, Barcelona, Spain

The Normans work closely with immigrants and refugees leaving Central Asia and West and North Africa, largely because of poverty and war.  Matt and Michelle lead training for local churches.  They also engage in social ministry, seeking to address the needs of the community.  They spoke in our church about a year ago.  Allocation $3,000

CBF Field Personnel, Rick and Lita Samples, San Francisco, California

Lita and Rick Sample are Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel serving with the international and refugee community in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, through relationship building, church starting, evangelism, and outreach. Rick and Lita Sample reach out to refugees, immigrants, and international students through a variety of ways including, Relationship Building, Evangelism, Refugee Assistance, Ethnic Church Ministry, Tutoring Kids, English as a Second Language, Citizenship, Prayer, and Facilitating mission trip experiences for CBF congregations, groups, and individuals. Allocation:  $3,000

Emergency Fund

There are times when we have a storm-related emergency or catastrophic event in which we would like to be able to respond immediately to devastated poor and hungry communities.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, the needs in our community are going to be greater than ever.  Allocation $23,500

Total Allocations                                                                                                        $100,000



Project/Mission Amount approved
ACIM $10,000
Appalachian Christmas Outreach $6,000
Backpack Buddies $5,000
Boys and Girls Clubs of Central North Carolina $7,500
CBF Field Personnel Marc and Kim Wyatt $6,000
CCM-Household Closet $8,000
Rebuilding Hope $8,000
Will’s Way $2,000
Treasures of Joy Corporation $2,000
Cecelia Beck $10,000
Carson & Laura Foushee $3,000
Butch & Nell Green $3,000
Matt & Michelle Norman $3,000
Rick & Leta Samples $3,000
Emergency Fund $23,500.00
 Total $100,000